Services for Teens - Wolf Mountain Day Spa
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Services for Teens

Today’s young male and female adults are seeking services geared specifically for their unique needs. At Wolf Mountain, our services for teens were designed to educate, promote and provide healthy skin care and overall well-being.


Make-up Art 101

Get a lesson on techniques, tips and the art of make-up application. You’ll also learn what colors work for your skin tone plus the benefits of using more “green” natural cosmetics.

30 min………..$40
60 min………..$60

Go-For-It Massage

Into sports? Our full body massage therapy rejuvenates those over-stretched muscles so you can get your game on.

55 minutes………..$80



Spa Packages


Mother/Daughter Quality Time

Come in and enjoy your pampering time together. Each will get a one-hour facial and a one-hour Wolf Mountain Classic massage. Simply sweet!

120 min………..$300

Just For Guys

A combo facial and massage spa package created for fathers and their teenage sons. Experience newfound bonding in just two hours.

120 min………..$300