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Predictive Permeation™ Technology

PREDICTIVE PERMEATION™ is a technology using the skin water based “channels” to allow ionic drug solution to penetrate the skin due to continuous reserved polarity electrical pulses (Low Frequency). This process of delivery of micro or macro molecules is done without modifying the ionic drug solution pH or the skin pH.

The method works by briefly applying an electric field to a living cell that causes a transient permeability in the cell’s outer membrane. During a controlled train of pulses, skin resistance drops by as much as three orders of magnitude within microseconds. This alteration in skin resistance exhibits either complete or partial reversibility within minutes or longer. The burst-pulse delivery for this purpose, consisting in a controlled electrical pulses delivery that causes “intercellular gates” in the dermis cells allowing the transdermal passage of molecules.The method can deliver micro- and macromolecular ionic water-based substances into the dermis and hypodermis. Clinical trials have shown that up to 90% of delivered substrates resides at the depth of delivery without migration for over 30 days.

Predictive Permeation