Methodology - Wolf Mountain Day Spa
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Predictive Permeation™ Methodology

PREDICTIVE PERMEATION™ is a method based on biophysical rather that mechanical or chemical principles, that delivers low and heavy-weight molecular substrates deep into the skin where they are needed without needles and the consequential discomfort.

Our proprietary PREDICTIVE PERMEATION™ methodology is using electro- magnetic energy delivered topically via soft contact probes. That process virtually guarantee a homogeneous delivery of the skin’s main connective tissue constituents: Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic to where they are needed: Face, Neck, Décolleté and any parts of the body.

younger skin


1) Face Cleaning with micellar water, then remove the dead skin with a scrub or mechanical peeling in order to get a proper skin preparation.
2) Apply our exclusive” genèVDevoted Collagen Perfect Serum “ using the proprietary device: The Collagenizer Neo®
3) Complete the treatment by applying transdermally our “ Antioxidant Vitamine C ” ionic solution usingThe Collagenizer Neo®