Predictive Permeation™ - Wolf Mountain Day Spa
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Predictive Permeation™

CollagenizingPREDICTIVE PERMEATION™ is the carefully designed and time proven scientific answer to this dream of getting the best version of ourselves, at anytime, any ages, and anywhere.

Fourth generation of a breathtaking technology, the PREDICTIVE PERMEATION™ methodology has been miniaturized into a portable system now available to aesthetic purposes in clinics and beauty spas.

With the PREDICTIVE PERMEATION™ we deliver skin results. We have an unique approach of restoration with ingredients curated by nature, a breakthrough technology harnessed by science and our custom non-invasive techniques.

The clients will not only feel revived and invigorated, they will instantly notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles, a refined skin elasticity, re-sculpted tissue lift and a noticeably youthful appearance.

To get the best version of yourself !